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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Java Games Speedball

Java Games Speedball

The Bitmap Brother’s classic game, Speedball, is now on mobile! A revolutionary "future sport“: Faster than Hockey & meaner than wrestling, this is the actionsport of the 21st-century. Wearing spiked armour body wear, helmet, and gloves, you’ll go face to face with some of the toughest athletes in the world. Speedball is based on free-for-all game play: You dodge neck-breaking tackles and bone-crushing body slams to pass a solid steel ball towards your opponent’s goal. Whip the ball past an unsuspecting goalie or ricochet itoff the metal walls to score points. With tenacious defense and timely tackling you’ll steal the ball and send your opponent reeling to defeat! Hammer your foe enough times and he’ll cry for mercy.


- Build a team that’s unbeatable! Choose from 1 of 3 franchises and develop your team from the ground up.
- Collect power-up tokens during game play and use them to improve your team’s stamina, power, and skill levels, or buy off the competition –You can even bride officials!


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