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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Java Games Pau Gasol

Java Games Pau Gasol

With this game you will be able to feel the environment of the USA streets courts as well as the fantastic NBA american basketball stadiums.
Show everyone your abilities in dunks and play just like Pau Gasol....

Put all the magic of Pau Gasol in your pocket!!!!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Java Games Smash And Ace

Java Games Smash And Ace

You must absolutely win this championship. Choose your favourite character and travel around the world to play and win versus the best players ! Play on wide range of tennis court to reach the final and win the championship.

- 3 games mode (training, arcade, tournament)
- 4 different tennis court.
- 3 difficulty level
- Choice of character and country

Java Games Dream Team Soccer

Java Games Dream Team Soccer

Bring the latest excitement onto your mobile with Dream Team Soccer! Choose your own favourite soccer country from 32 available countries with different skills and play against the best world-class players in different game modes, either practicing, tournament or even league mode. Make sure you utilize your tactic skills and take your team through the whole season and win the grand trophy!

Java Games California Games

Soak up the California sun in a new version of an old classic from EPYX. Shred the waves, get big air on the half pipe and rule the course on a BMX as you compete for the gold and experience the glory of California Games.
Play at high speed as you test your skills in six different events such as Half Pipe, Skateboarding, Surfing, Skating, BMX and more! Challenge yourself or different players as you practice and compete to take home the winning trophy.

Choose a sponsor, pick your best sport, then blade, slide and soar with California Games - the place where extreme games get wild.

Java Games Ronnie OSullivans Snooker

Java Games Ronnie OSullivans Snooker
Ronnie O' Sullivan presents his cutting edge 3D snooker game!
True 3D environment makes it the most realistic snooker game ever on a mobile phone. View the table from any angle and play full championship with up to 32 players. Learn trick shots and snooker skills in Ronnie's Snooker Hall challenge mode.

Published by Player One Ltd. Copyright (c) 2005 Player One Ltd. Ronnie O' Sullivan name and images under license from Matchroom Sport Limited.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Java Games Top Spin 2

Java Games Top Spin 2
Whether you are an amateur or ready to challenge top players such as Roger Federer or Maria Sharapova, Top Spin 2 delivers the total tennis experience.
Choose your surface, create your character, and develop your playing style with your own personal coach to earn global rankings.
Top Spin 2 gives you a chance to be the best the tennis world has to offer.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Java Games Crazy Football 2006

Java Games Crazy Football 2006
In Crazy Football 2006, you can choose between 5 unique teams: vampires, Shaolin monks, pros, punks and granddads! Select the team that best suits your style of play!
Be careful though as the rules don´t apply any more: no touch, no corners and no fouls! Anything goes in this bizarre and wild game.
The intuitive gameplay means players pick it up instantly. Then perfect their technique by playing as they discover the 3 play modes: Single Match, Tournament and Penalty.

Nothing could be simpler: it only takes a few seconds to start a game and start enjoying yourself!!

- An explosive cocktail of arcade and humour!
- Instantly playable.
- Fun and completely mad
- Graphics that would not be out of place on the best games consoles

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Java Games Speedball

Java Games Speedball

The Bitmap Brother’s classic game, Speedball, is now on mobile! A revolutionary "future sport“: Faster than Hockey & meaner than wrestling, this is the actionsport of the 21st-century. Wearing spiked armour body wear, helmet, and gloves, you’ll go face to face with some of the toughest athletes in the world. Speedball is based on free-for-all game play: You dodge neck-breaking tackles and bone-crushing body slams to pass a solid steel ball towards your opponent’s goal. Whip the ball past an unsuspecting goalie or ricochet itoff the metal walls to score points. With tenacious defense and timely tackling you’ll steal the ball and send your opponent reeling to defeat! Hammer your foe enough times and he’ll cry for mercy.


- Build a team that’s unbeatable! Choose from 1 of 3 franchises and develop your team from the ground up.
- Collect power-up tokens during game play and use them to improve your team’s stamina, power, and skill levels, or buy off the competition –You can even bride officials!

Thursday, February 23, 2006


Quickly discover the hidden images of our ultra-sexy models in this new game where your reflexes are in for a rude testing! They are waiting impatiently to reveal their charms to you!! But watch out for the censors... In this game, you have to reveal at least 90% of the image to reach the next level. Each image that is revealed can be used as a screen saver for you mobile! Features:- Test you cool in this game of sexy qix - Superb girls to be collected- Possibility of using the revealed images as screen savers- Ten levels of increasing difficulty

Download Qixxx

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

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